The mid-size SUV remains a popular choice among owners who want a vehicle that is not too small or too large. The latest models feature a number of amenities that add convenience, comfort, and entertainment to the journey. State-of-the-art safety features are also incorporated into the design.

All of the models come with a rearview camera. The image displays on the infotainment system and enables drivers to see the area directly behind the Traverse. The aid makes parking and backing out of spaces easier while preventing potential collisions.

Forward collision and pedestrian detection help prevent accidents from occurring in front. Drivers receive a warning should a person or vehicle approach the front of the SUV. The system also warns drivers should they become too close to the vehicle in front. Learn more about the safety technology that the Chevrolet Traverse possesses by visiting our Chico, CA Wittmeier Auto Center location. Take the SUV for a road test.

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