Trucks are one of the most useful and fun vehicles to own and drive around Chico, CA. They are the solution to so many problems yet also serve as an ideal vehicle for recreation due to the variety of beneficial features that they have. The new Honda Ridgeline is a midsize pickup that comes with features that can bring a smile to your face.

Thinking outside the box is always a good approach when designing a vehicle. You never know how a feature will impact drivers in a positive way, so it's good to add features that are unexpected. The new Honda Ridgeline does this. It has an available in-bed audio system. This feature is a first and lets you enjoy music outside of the vehicle.

There is an additional feature in the bed of the Honda Ridgeline that may come as a surprise. There is an in-bed trunk area. This trunk space measures 7.3 cubic feet and comes with a drain plug allowing it to serve a variety of purposes.

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