How Far Can You Go On $20?

February 19, 2013

in Ford

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It used to be “to the store and back” or “to my office if the traffic isn’t too bad.” But that was before Ford created two of the vehicles that can change the way you drive forever.
Introducing the Fusion Energi and the C-Max Energi. Welcome to the Diamond Lane. These two amazing plug-in Hybrids are EPA rated at 108 MPGe in the city, which gives you the chance to drive in the Diamond Lane without a passenger.

And that means about $20 will take you to Palm Springs and back from San Diego. Or to Las Vegas from Pasadena. Or from San Jose to Lake Tahoe. Or to many places that used to cost a small fortune to get to. How’s that for going further? Ford has made these technological wonders fun to drive, striking to look at and surprisingly affordable.

So, how far can you go on $20?
All the way to the end of your imagination.

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